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All Time Money List

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1 Erik Seidel $ 14,852,400
2 Daniel Negreanu $ 14,125,192
3 Phil Ivey $ 13,859,944
4 Jamie Gold $ 12,231,105
5 Phil Hellmuth Jr $ 11,453,638
6 John Juanda $ 11,407,315
7 Scotty Nguyen $ 11,371,511
8 Joe Hachem $ 11,314,141
9 Michael Mizrachi $ 11,222,322
10 Allen Cunningham $ 11,067,697

WSOP All time money list

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1 Jamie Gold $ 12,073,795
2 Peter Eastgate $ 9,221,395
3 Jonathan Duhamel $ 8,987,310
4 Joe Cada $ 8,574,649
5 Jerry Yang $ 8,264,023
6 Joe Hachem $ 7,985,348
7 Allen Cunningham $ 6,741,625
8 Greg Raymer $ 6,492,062
9 Ivan Demidov $ 6,461,252
10 Paul Wasicka $ 6,219,572

WPT all time money list

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1 Carlos Mortensen $ 6,394,990
2 Daniel Negreanu $ 5,538,967
3 Tuan Bui Le $ 4,514,063
4 Michael Mizrachi $ 4,242,065
5 Gus Hansen $ 4,110,801
6 Alan Goehring $ 3,929,407
7 Joe Bartholdi Jr. $ 3,760,165
8 David Chiu $ 3,650,076
9 Jonathan Little $ 3,551,270
10 Hoyt Corkins $ 3,443,077

United States All Time Money List

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1 Erik Seidel $ 14,852,400
2 Phil Ivey $ 13,859,944
3 Jamie Gold $ 12,231,105
4 Phil Hellmuth Jr $ 11,453,638
5 John Juanda $ 11,407,315
6 Scotty Nguyen $ 11,371,511
7 Michael Mizrachi $ 11,222,322
8 Allen Cunningham $ 11,067,697
9 Men Nguyen $ 10,187,331
10 T.J. Cloutier $ 9,843,099

To give you an idea of the huge sums of money a professional poker player can accumulate during his career, we've taken  the list with the top 10 major rankings of poker earnings from the Hendon Mob Database. While this list doesn't represent all the earnings of the players listed, as cash game and online winnings aren't included and this list solely represents tournament earnings, it can give you a pretty good idea of the vast amounts of cash these poker professionals have generated for themselves, just by playing the wonderful game of  poker.

Here is some more information of high profile players:

Born in Canada from Romanian descent, Daniel Negreanu has managed to earn over 14 million US dollars in poker tournament earnings. Winning four World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour titles, Negreanu has enough facts on his side to back up his number impressive position in the poker rankings.

Phil Ivey, is internationally recognized as one of the most profitable poker player to date. With tournament earnings of over 13 million US dollar, one can only imagine what Ivey's total worth, including cash game and online winnings, would be. He and Negreanu are often battling it out for the top spot in the money rankings.

Most of us might remember Erik Seidel best from the poker movie Rounders. In one scene Matt Damon’s character sits in his living room watching a video of the 1988 world series of poker main event in which Erik Seidel ends up runner up after losing heads-up against Johny Chan. Currently Erik Seidel is still one of the most successful poker players, his impressive run in 2011 leaves him well over 14 million dollars and very strong at the top of the rankings.

Another interesting case on the Hendon Mob All-Time money list is Jamie Gold. Having amassed some 12 and a quarter million US dollars in tournament earnings, Jamie Gold won the vast majority of his earnings at the 2006 WSOP, which he left with the single highest amount of cash ever won by a single player at the World Series.

Phil Hellmuth, widely considered as the 'poker brat', can also be found in the top 10 of the all time money list with over eleven million US dollars in poker earnings. Winning an astonishing 11 WSOP bracelets and being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2007, you shouldn't be surprised to find him in the top 3 some day.

Vietnamese-American Scotty Nguyen is also a poker competitor who should not be under estimated in our poker money winnings top 10. With earnings of over 11 million US dollar he is a true world class contender. However, having won 'only' five WSOP bracelets to gain this large sum of money, one might say Nguyen's game is more efficient than that of Hellmuth.

Other notable players in the Hendon Mob poker rankings are Australian Joe Hachem, Peter Eastgate, hailing from Denmark, and US-residing poker players John Juanda, and Allen Cunningham.

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