Blog Poker – Tony G

Tony G has been around the professional poker scene for quite some time now and has always had an interest in all sorts of digital media, so of course he has his own poker blog. Let’s see if his poker blog is as badass as his nickname would suggest (Bad Boy of Poker)

Tony G has been blogging for many years now, with an impressive archive dating back as far as November 2004. He’s become a regular blogger, posting new blogs every 2 weeks on average. Is this with an assistant you may ask? Yes, but to be fair he seems to only make use of his assistant when he has a very busy schedule and it’s always clear when somebody else is writing a blog with updates about him.

Tony Guoga has never been known to be a soft spoken person or hold back any thoughts when sitting at a poker table. The same could be said about his blogs, in which he is not afraid to express his opinions (no matter what other people think about it). Although if we take a look at his most recent blog post it seems like the Bad Boy of poker doesn’t want to be the boogey man any more and is actually blogging about charitable things and wishing a lot of people the best in the business.

Could it be that the Bad Boy of Poker is turning into the Good Boy of Poker? Nowadays he blogs a lot more about spending time with his family and how important his health is to him. For several years now he’s been trying to lose weight, following healthy diets and exercising regularly in the gym. Who knows, maybe Tony G’s blogs might contain some good training and dieting tips besides all the poker stories and developments in Tony G’s personal and professional life.

TonyG doesn’t only write about his health and poker. He’s also a very accomplished business man and has successfully launched many online products. So if you want to know what TonyG is up to and if he has any new projects planned then be sure to check out his personal blog. Who knows, maybe some of his success stories will rub off on you.

In the mean time enjoy some classic high light footage of Tony G ‘The Bad Boy of Poker’:

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Tony G also has a twitter account, but most of the tweets contain links to his latest blogs, so you can use this twitter feed to check out his latest blog posts;