FlopTurnRiver.com – Poker Forum Review

The FlopTurnRiver forum has been around for quite some time and since it’s launch over 90,000 threads have been created, with more than 1 million posts by over 38,000 members. 

The topics on FlopTurnRiver.com are arranged in a comprehensible way and this makes it fairly easy to find the poker strategy you are looking for.

Especially some of the beginners sections like the ‘Beginners Circle’ can prove useful if you are stuck with some specific beginners questions about no limit poker.

That said, the design of the FlopTurnRiver site is horrible and they Spam you several times with uninteresting promo’s before you finally find some useful forum topics.

A quick glance at their online room lists clearly shows they don’t seem to care about the products they endorse (LuckyAce poker…?  Come on now guys).

Ok, so once you’ve worked your way through FlopTurnRiver, ignored all the crappy banners and found the Forum (don’t worry, you won’t have to register to be able to read it), you will find a few sections definitely worth a visit.

In case you are looking to sharpen up on some specific elements of your poker game, like your Heads-Up Game (playing 1 on 1 poker), Multi Table tournament strategy, sit and go strategy or short handed strategies, you could give the FlopTurnRiver forum a try.

When visiting FlopTurnRiver, keep in mind you might encounter some Not Suited for Work content in the off topics sections.