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World Series of Poker (WSOP)

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World Poker Tour (WPT)

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European Poker Tour (EPT)

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Live poker is any form of poker you play against real life opponents, be it on the kitchen table at home or a poker casino in Las Vegas. When you compare live casino poker against internet poker, you will notice there are quite some differences, even though the basic rules of the games are the same.

Because you can see your opponents when playing live poker in casinos, you can gather more information about the strength of their hands. Some poker players give away big poker tells when they play live poker and get dealt pocket Aces or are on a major bluff. They might stop talking, sit up right, stare you down or look away from you. These indications can easily give away the kind of hand your opponent is holding. With internet poker all this information isn’t available. On the other hand with internet poker you can play 4 times as many hands compared to live poker plus you can play multiple tables at once.

Since the rise of internet poker the live tournament scene has seen an incredible boost in participating players. Since the beginning of 2000 it became possible for players to qualify for major live events like the ten thousand dollar World Series of Poker Event for as little as one dollar. Nowadays this event attracts around 6 to 8 thousand players every year creating the biggest live poker prize pools of the world.

If you would like to read more about the biggest and most recognized live poker tournaments, be sure to check out the live tournament section. Here we provide more in-depth information on the World Poker Tour, The European Poker Tour and the already mentioned World Series of Poker.

Besides information about these live casino tournaments, we also provide all time money rankings of all the players participating in these official events. Take a look at the poker rankings to find out who’s made the most money in live poker (includes WSOP, WPT and EPT all time money listings).

More in-depth information of the top poker professionals is also available in this section. Find out how Phil Ivey’s live poker career got started and how he won his very first world series bracelet, or read more about the godfather of live poker Doyle Bruson.

Who knows, maybe one day you will find yourself playing amongst the world’s best poker players, celebrities and sport athletes at one of these amazing live tournaments, with locations ranging from Las Vegas, the Bahamas and Monte Carlo (and many more).

Currently PokerStars offers freerolls and qualifiers for these types of events and make it possible to play with the big boys, without ever having spent a single dollar at the real money tables.