No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournaments by Issa Jouaneh – Book Review

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No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournaments by Issa Jouaneh is definitely a book catered towards the beginning poker player. So if you are a poker veteran looking for some 5th level poker strategy, this book isn’t for you.

Because the book is aimed at beginners, the content of the book isn’t necessarily of poor quality, to the contrary. It makes the book even more valuable to the green players in desperate need of some guidance on how to successfully develop a winning tournament poker strategy. The information is well organized and thoroughly introduces the subject matter.

There are three fundamental strategies to winning poker tournaments. You can either play loose aggressive (play many hands with big bets), moderate (limp in cheap and play tight on the flop) and tight aggressive (play only premium hands and with big bets).

This book by Issa Jouaneh mainly focuses on the tight aggressive tournament strategy. This is a type of strategy which is not often discussed online or in books, due to the action and popularity of playing loose aggressive poker. However, we at PokerHarder strongly believe in playing tight aggressive poker, as you might have noticed when reading our poker strategy section. Playing tight aggressive looks much easier than it actually is in practice, as it requires a lot of discipline, patience and resilience against bad beats.

Issa talks about the best and most appropriate long term strategies for winning in poker and allowing luck to help you achieve victory in tournaments. This book will teach you to play like a professional and also will allow you to showcase these skills at the poker table.

So overall, if you’re a beginning poker player looking for a short book (83 pages) and an easy read to help you on your way playing poker tournaments, we can definitely recommend No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournaments by Issa Jouaneh to you.