Poker Hand Rankings

  This is our page of Poker Hand Rankings.  This is the first thing you should because if you don’t know which hand beats which then you won’t know if you have a hand worth betting or whether you think it is better than what your opponent is holding or not. In the game of […]

Bankroll Management Strategy

Here we tell you some simple rules and give you guideance that will teach you how to properly manage your poker bankroll in order to become a profitable poker player

Online Poker Strategies

Although online poker is in essence the same game following the same rules you may play at home or in a casino, there are vast difference in terms of the strategy you should employ if you want to end your session in profit. Here we explore some of those strategies for you

No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy

There are some key and very important differences between playing limit and No limit Texas Holdem that all poker players need to understand, PokerHarder UK brings you strategies to improve your game and make it a more profitable one

Poker Tournament Strategy

Multi-table tournaments (MTT’s) have hugely increased in popularity in recent years due to huge guaranteed prize pools. Here we give you some solid multi table poker tournament strategy advice.

Bluffing in Poker

Think of poker and many think of bluffing, getting one of on your opponents can be great but it has to be done well, here we give you the tools to do that and teach you some vital strategies that you should know before attempting to start bluffing in poker games

Texas Holdem Basic Rules

Here is an easy to understand guide to the basic rules of Texas Hold’em Poker. If you don’t yet know the basic rules, have a read of these and you will gain a good understanding of how the game is played.

The Showdown Poker Rules

In poker the Showdown happens after all rounds of betting have taken place. This is where the winner of the hand is decided. The winner is the player with the best five card hand. You can find out more about how the showdown works here.

The River Poker Rules

This is the rules for the stage in the game called, the river. A final community card is placed face up in the middle of the table and players still in the hand have a final chance to bet, raise, check or fold.

The Turn Poker Rules

Here you will find the rules to the third betting round. This is known in Texas Hold’em Poker as The Turn. On the turn another single card is placed face up next to the flop cards and another round of betting ensues.

‘Poker’s a day to learn and a lifetime to master    Even the worlds best poker players will tell you that they will never know everything about poker. But we all have to start somewhere so here at PokerHarder UK we will help you start.

If you don’t yet know anything about poker but are interested in playing and learning then our Hand will be a good place to start you should also check out the rules, once you have learned these two you will be on the right track but don’t worry you can come back here and refer to them at any time.

It will take a while to get to grips with playing poker properly but you can have a great time learning it here at PokerHarder UK.  You can of course read poker, watch Poker, read up on the numerous articles written about poker and you can watch TV shows and movies about poker.  You can even take poker quizzes and tests to see how much you already know.

Poker isn’t all about gambling though, unlike other casino games like say roulette and slot machines where you play against the house, in poker you can play against other humans all trying to win like you are.  So if you learn the skills and have some good solid poker, you will be at an advantage to other players who haven’t.  Whereas if you where playing other games like roulette, blackjack or slot machines the house always has the edge and will always win in the long run.

Playing against other humans rather than the house means you can gain an advantage and make money out of their mistakes.  You can also choose when to bet, raise or fold meaning that you can put your money in when the odds are stacked in your favour.  Therefore if you become a good enough player you can make a regular profit from playing poker.

You can learn more about playing in the PokerHarder UK, learn poker section.