Player Profile – Phil Ivey

Have a look out our Phil Ivey poker player profile and see how he became the player he is today.

Player Profile – Phil Hellmuth

Find out why Phil Hellmuth is called the ‘Official Poker Brat’ and more about his wins and tournament history here

Player Profile – Doyle Brunson

Everybody who knows anything about poker has at least heard the name Doyle Brunson at some point, most of us think of him as a notorious poker legend. Find out more about ‘Texas Dolly’ Doyle Brunson here

Player Profile – Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan

24 year old Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan was born in New Jersey and has since become one of the worlds brightest and most successful internet poker legends, read the story of Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan and his rise to fame here

Player Profile – Daniel Negreanu

Find out how Daniel Negreanu got to where he is now and became second on the all time poker money rankings list right here at PokerHarder UK

The worlds top professional poker players are known to many around there world.  In the world of poker they’re certainly considered as celebrities and even outside of poker a lot of people recognise these famous players. 

Being as the big real life poker pay out millions and millions in prize money every year, being a top pro can be an extremely lucrative business.  For example the 2006 World main event prize pool was over 80 million US dollars. 

As previously mentioned these players are considered celebrities and they live Hollywood-style celebrity lifestyles too.  As more and more high stake poker games are being shown on TV around the world these players fame just keeps on growing.

Phil Ivey is a player that nearly every poker player and many more besides have heard of.  He is considered the world’s best poker player by plenty of those people.  You can read more about Phil like the fact that is has earned more prize money than any other player in poker.

Daniel Negreanu comes second to Phil Ivey in the all time poker career earnings, and is a household poker name.  Negreanu started out in the world of poker before internet poker was around and made his bankroll from winning local poker games until he had enough money to go to Las Vegas and prove what an amazing player he is.  Read more about the accomplished tournament and cash game poker player here

Following the rise internet many previously unknown poker players have proved their skill as top pro’s.  Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan is one of these players.  Playing under his online poker name ‘durrr’ Tom Dwan has already accrued millions of dollars in tournament winnings.  As well as being a highly skilled and successful player Tom Dwan has also taken some very big losses in his time playing poker which makes for interesting reading.  Read more about Tom.

Doyle Brunson has to be considered the biggest name in poker.  Doyle Brunson was born in Texas in 1933 and is the most well known poker player of all time.  He is so well known and loved in fact that he has been dubbed The Grandfather of poker and has even had a poker hand named after him.  Find out more about Doyle by clicking the previous link.

Phil is the player everybody loves to hate.  He has 11 WSOP bracelets under his belt already as well as many other big tournament and cash game wins.  Known as the ‘poker brat’ Phil Hellmuth has no trouble letting other players know again and again how great he really is.

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