Online Poker Benefits

Since the launch of online poker rooms, the world of poker has become so much more accessible to players who might not have previously tried poker.  In the past new potential players would have to go to a casino or get their friends together if they fancied a game of poker.  Nowadays you can just switch on your computer and play for as long (or little) as you like in your pyjamas against all different kinds of players rather than just the few sharks at the casino.

Playing poker online also cuts down the cost of a poker session because you don’t have to pay for transport to a casino or tip the dealers, buying drinks out and maybe a dinner.  Now you can just sit down at whatever limits you choose to play (limits that are much smaller than in any casino if you wish), grab a drink from your cupboard and get your butler to bring you a bacon roll.

Another pro of playing online is as its all automatically dealt there will be no mis-deals like you often see in casinos and home games, those situations can be very frustrating and can even put you on tilt.  As already mentioned the great thing about online is the tiny micro-limits you can play for example $0.01/$0.02.  So you can practise your game without having to invest £100 to get in the game.  You could even start off on play money tables where you can play the exact same games for free (obviously you don’t win money this way but you can still sharpen up your skills until you’re confident enough to play for real money)

There are many more pro’s to playing online, some of these are; the option to have multiple tables open at the same time, a faster paced game meaning you can play more hands per hour, the options to play heads-up and the sheer amount of different kinds of game that are accessible at all times of the day and night.  All from the comfort of your own home or frankly wherever you want to play (that has an internet connection obviously).  More than anything playing online poker can just be loads of Fun!