PartyPoker is a big name poker room that doesn’t accommodate American Customers.  PartyPoker is an officially listed company, this is the reason they comply with the official market regulations (UIGEA), so you can rest assured that your money will be looked after properly.

Being as there are no American players PartyPoker is dominated by European players a lot of whom are fairly new to the game in comparison to some of the American players that have been around longer. This is great news for players outside of America that are just beginning their online poker journey.

Without  Americans on PartyPoker the  community is much smaller,  this means you will get the opportunity to take advantage of knowledge you gain from your opponents during earlier sessions on the limits you are familiar with.

Due to the smaller amount of players at PartyPoker there are in turn fewer entrants in general in their tournaments meaning the level of luck you need to beat any game is greatly reduced and skilled players will have more success.  A smaller community also means smaller prize pools and fewer tournaments.

The PartyGaming network is the home of PartyPoker and also includes, PartyBets (sports bookies), PartyCasino (online casino games), PartyBingo (clue is in the name) and PartyGammon (online backgammon. When you sign up to PartyPoker and create and account for yourself you will be given instant access to all of these online gaming features.  These different features are clearly set apart from each other though so you needn’t worry about having bingo shoved in your face while you’re trying to find a poker game.

A great feature at PartyPoker is that you can play poker directly on their website with PartyPoker Anywhere.  Just search on the PartyPoker website for the term ‘anywhere’ and you will be able to find all the information you need about PartyPoker Anywhere. With Anywhere you can enjoy instant access from any computer meaning you don’t need to download the software to every computer you play on, its less hassle, you can play it in your interner browser.  Although downloading the full PartyPoker software will mean, better graphics, the ability to launch the game straight from your desktop and more fluent animations.

You should expect to find the highest standard of software from PartyPoker, they have had many years of experience evolving online poker software. PartyPoker keeps up to date with all the newest and most common features that you can find at other top poker rooms.

PokerHarder UK respects our visitors and therefore we only promote the best poker software around. We want you to be having the best possible online poker experience. So as long as you’re in America we most certainly recommend PartyPoker to you. Wishing you all the best at the tables, we may see you there one day.