PokerTracker 3 Review

There are thousands of new poker players everyday around the world, many of them haven’t really taken the time to learn the game to any decent degree before they start playing for real money.  Smarter poker players are taking advantage of this fact and are always looking for new ways to gain an edge over their opponents, PokerTracker is a piece of poker software than can help you do just that.

The PokerTracker software can be used/run alongside your poker room software so you can use it whilst you are in an actual online poker game.  The software is used to track all the hands you play online, this can be done directly from the poker room or from imported files that you can request from the poker room and input manually.  PokerTracker will then analyze your wins and losses and tell you how tight or aggressive etc… that you play.  It will even let you know how well you play different positions, which hands lose or make you the most money and if you raise or fold too much.

PokerTracker now has a Heads-Up Display (HUD) feature that allows you to see real time information on your opponents and their styles of play.  The HUD feature also shows you hundreds of statistics for all the players at your table which can help you decide if you should stay out of that one guys way or if he often donks away lots of chips.  There is also a TableTracker which looks at all the tables in the lobby screen of the room you’re playing at to help you choose the best most profitable seats available.  PokerTracker 3 is the newest version of this software and comes completely working for all Texas hold’em and Omaha Poker tables as well as being able to take hand histories from various poker sites and put them all into one database, giving you the opportunity to play at another room and still keep all your stats.

We at PokerHarder UK think PokerTracker is great for more experienced players and can give that all important edge, but having said that if you’re a new player there is plenty more for you to learn before you try to compete at this level.  We think you should learn bankroll management, basic strategies and gain some experience first.