Poker Blog – Doyle Brunson

If there’s one poker player in the world who doesn’t need much of an introduction, it’s Doyle ‘Texas Dolly’ Brunson. With more than 50 years of poker experience, this legend of poker has seen, done and heard it all, and not just in relation to poker, but to life as a whole. Since late 2007, Brunson has been sharing his poker anecdotes and life experiences with the rest of the world in his personal blog.

The first thing that immediately becomes apparent when reading Doyle’s blog is his maturity and humility. Unlike many other poker players today, he doesn’t feel the need to constantly reiterate how great of a player he is and how much better he is than everybody else, or bash fellow poker players. He sees the world as it is, and not how he would like it to be, which is a very refreshing change from listening to players like Hellmuth, ‘full_flush‘ or ‘Ziigmund‘ and their constant ranting.

Not only are many of Brunson’s blog posts entertaining to read, every one of them also comes with a great proverb, or as he calls them, the ‘Doyleism of the day’. These include phrases like ‘A clear conscience is usually a sign of a bad memory’ or ‘Reputation is a bubble that bursts when a man tries to blow it up for himself’.

As far as content is concerned, you read a lot about his travels, the poker games he’s been playing in, the prop bets he has running with other poker players, but you also gain an insight into some of his political views and how he sees the world. It is also no rarity to read about his regular visits to the doctor (after all, he is 77 years of age), but even these contain a great deal of humor, as do most of his posts. One of my personal favorites is from a post where Brunson reacted to rumors that accused him of being a racist. Doyle’s remark: ‘I’ve had black friends all my life. I even get along with Phil Ivey as long as we don’t have to use the same bathroom.’

All in all, our editors have become big fans of the Doyle Brunson blog while researching for this article, and now we know why it stands at the top of numerous ‘best poker blog’ lists. Feel like reading Doyle brunson’s poker blog, then follow this link.