Forum Review is about the same as the FlopTurnRiver forum in terms of size but has a much calmer user experience with less spam (although there are still floating banners on most pages and a big block asking you to register to any large number of amazing poker rooms, we don’t understand how so many poker rooms can be the best but hey you never know).  Once you’re past that though there is some good content that can be found within the forum.

There are over a million posts spread throughout more than 100,000 threads. says it has in excess of 70k members but it doesn’t state how many of those members are active, we think it’s less than 10% but that is obviously still plenty. 

We do like CardsChat’s Golden Archive Section, this is where they have put all the best poker related threads for you to read in one place.  It would be nice if other poker forums did a section similar to that as well as it makes things easier and more instantly interesting for new members. 

Unlike other poker forums contains nearly no ‘Not suited for work’ material which means its safe to look at anywhere, apart from that and the Golden Archive Section there is not much different from any of the other forums we have talked about on PokerHarder UK.