If you’d like to improve your own poker skills you might first look to poker books like Super System and this can be a great place to start but players sometimes find it hard to use the concepts learned in books in real life scenarios. helps to solve this problem with their poker strategy videos.

Widely thought of as one of the best poker training websites around, DeucesCracked offers a large variety of material to choose from and it comes directly from some of the best online players in the world.  Whether you’re looking for high stakes or more modest stakes, cash games, tournaments or one of the many kinds of poker variant games you will be sure to find something to learn at  The site is focused on short handed no limit hold’em cash games but having said that they working very hard to increase their sit & go and MTT section which at the moment is home to about 120 videos, still more than enough to get you thinking.

Most of the videos at Deucescracked are about an hour long and are taught by coaches such as ‘BalugaWhale‘, Jay Rosenkrantz and Vanessa Selbst who are all very well respected poker pro’s in their fields.  These coaches let you into their thought processes during each video and will help you to understand more in depth poker concepts.  There is even an option to receive one on one coaching sessions so that you may work on the exact parts of the game that you want to improve the most.

The Deucescracked website is easy to navigate, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for fairly easily and choose from a range of coaching videos to suit you.  You may watch or download any of the videos featured on the site which means you can watch the videos wherever you are, so if you think you’re going to panic on your first trip to the casino you can take a video on your mobile device and watch it for advice and confidence.

At $29 for a month we think Deucescracked is better than their completion and if you sign up for 6 months or a year the monthly fee comes down to $25 a month.  On top of that every new member starts off with a 7-day free trial period where you can find out for yourself if Deucescracked is going to be useful to you before you commit yourself.

Have a look at and see for yourself for more information.