Super System and Super System 2 – Poker Book Review

Super System and Super System 2 are written by all time poker legend Doyle Brunson.  Brunson has won the World Series of poker main event multiple times and has won himself 10 WSOP bracelets. 

Super System is well known is within the poker community as ‘the bible of poker’.  When is was released there where almost no other books with high quality poker strategies therefore making Super System the book to have.  It has since become the single most influential poker book in the world.

Different chapters within Super System cover different poker variations.  Each of these chapters are written by the best poker experts for the subject.  A few people complain about this because they would’ve liked the book to be purely about texas hold’em.  Having so many different writers within the book means the quality of writing varies from chapter to chapter.

Doyle Brunson himself wrote the section on no limit texas hold’em this is considered to be the most popular chapter.  It is also known to be one of the best pieces of writing on advanced power poker ever written.

Super System 2 is almost a word for word copy of the original and is misleading for customers who thought they were going to be getting a whole new book with new poker strategies.  As well as missed opportunity by the publishers who could’ve made a second poker bible.

Not all bad though SuperSystem 2 has added a chapter especially devoted to pot limit Omaha strategy which wasn’t in the original.  Omaha is now the second most popular poker game after texas hold’em in the world; despite this it is still hard to find good strategy books on Omaha so this section of SuperSystem 2 is definitely worth a read.

To summarise, the Super System books by Doyle Brunson should definitely have a place in all serious poker player’s libraries as they cover basic poker strategies for lots of different poker variations at a relatively cheap price.