Tony G – Poker Blog

If you’ve ever heard Tony G’s big mouth, you can be pretty sure that he has a blog and its going to be entertaining. Read our review to find out more and our own opinions on Tony G’s blogs

Phil Hellmuth – Poker Blog

Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth has an ego large enough for him to describe himself as ‘the greatest poker player of all time but does he write the greatest blog of all time? Read more to find out what we think about Phil Hellmuths blogs

Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan – Poker Blog

Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan is one of the best poker players in the world right now, see what we think about his blogs here

Doyle Brunson – Poker Blog

We at PokerHarder UK have fallen in love with Doyle Brunson’s poker blog while researching it for this article, find out why here

Daniel Negreanu – Poker Blog

Daniel Negreanu has arguably one of the best poker blogs around, regularly updated and full of entertaining content read on to find out more about Daniel Negreanu’s poker blog

Many professional now have poker blogs so their fans can keep up to date with what they’re doing.  Because poker has become such a high profile game to play nowadays and because there are TV shows which show high stakes poker many players that were under the radar before are now very well known by many many people around the world.  These players have the money and the fame to be true celebrities many of them living top end celebrity lives. 

There players, a lot of which up date their blogs often  who blog about their personal lives and everything they do this gives a great insight into what it is like to have the life of a poker player.  Others simply talk all about poker and nothing else, they talk about they’ve played, who they played with and make useful strategy blogs detailing how they play – and win.

Professional poker player Tony G, A.K.A ‘the bad boy of poker’ is one player who regularly updates his blogs.  With his no holds barred opinions of other players to his wins at the poker table and how he does it.  Tony G’s blog really brings you into the world of Tony G and stays interesting.  You can read more about Tony

Famous ‘poker brat’ Phil Hellmuth is known for his tantrums, his big mouth and his obvious (loud) self belief.  Hellmuth’s self belief though has actually come from the fact that he is pretty amazing at poker.  So when he updates his blog it makes for an enthralling read.  Have a look at our Phil section.

Internet poker sensation Tom ‘Durrr’ Dwan’s blog gives you an insight into what and how he plays daily.  This one is very interesting for online players wishing to achieve the success of Dwan as well as any poker fans.  Check out more about Dwans blog at PokerHarder.

Lots of pro poker players have blogs.  Other notable ones are Daniel and all time poker legend Doyle.  You can read all our reviews and find out about where to find players personal poker blogs in out poker blogs section.