Helpful Guide

Here we will tell you where to start in building a good solid poker foundation.

Real Money Poker

Nothing can compare to how good it feels to beat other players and win real money for your poker skills, poker is now accessible to players of all bankrolls, read on to find out more about real money poker

Play Money

Using play money instead of real money to practise playing poker is a great idea for new players. You can learn the game in a safe and fun environment. Read on to find out more about using play money in real online poker rooms.

Online Poker Benefits

Since the launch of 1030, online poker rooms, the world of poker has become so much more accessible to players who might not have previously tried poker. Read on to find out more reasons why we love online poker

Quick Start

This is a Quick Start that will help you to set up the right poker software to enable you to play against real life opponents

Poker Terms – Poker Dictionary

Poker Terms – Poker Dictionary

Here is the frequently asked questions page of PokerHarder UK.  You will find answers to the most common poker related questions.  If you’re new to poker or simply have a question that you haven’t yet found out this is a good place to find the answers.  If you just need to know the rules of poker please refer to our rules.

If you can’t quite understand why everyone is loving poker and you’d like to know what all the hype is about then you will find that we have written you a summary of the benefits of online poker.  You might just end up wanting to play yourself, but at least you’ll understand what its all about.

If you want to know how to practise your poker online without paying a penny we will tell you where you and how you can do this.  As well as letting you in all the best poker available. 

If you’d like to know how to get started in the world of online poker and you want to start enjoying the feeling of playing against real online players make sure you read the questions in out FAQ section for the answers.