Poker Babes: Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa is one of our favourite poker babe, not least because she has done some amazing naked photo shoots. Find out more about Joanna here

Poker Babe: Tila Tequila

Check out hot pictures and info about ‘The Baddest Bitch on the Block’ Tila Tequila.

Poker Babe: Tiffany Michelle

Find out why our poker babe Tiffany Michelle is so controversial and still sparks interesting debate between poker fans whenever her name is brought up

Poker Babe: Jennifer Tilly

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Poker Babes: Shana Hiatt

Beauty queen turned poker presenter turned poker lover, find out more about Shana Hiatt here. With a hot picture gallery and info on this lovely lady we know you can’t resist

PokerHarder UK’s Poker Babes are not only some of the hottest women that we all love to see get their kit off but also some of the big hitters in today’s more multi gender poker game.  Sure a lot of men will only recognise these beauties for their more obvious talents but ask any avid poker fan and they will give you a whole new perspective on these red hot babes.  This is everything you need to know about the sexiest women in poker, with a full bio on each babes and of course those all important picture galleries for you to choose your favourite.

One of PokerHarders chosen poker babes is the self proclaimed ‘baddest b*tch on the block’ Tila Tequila.  Found on MTV’s A shot at love she is more than just a looker.  Always near a card room, Tila is now a well known poker player and not only that but has found the time to own her own online poker room.

Hollywood babe Jennifer Tilly has been playing poker since 2003 and used all of her skill and experience to win a bracelet in the ladies event of the world series of poker.  Experience is something Jennifer has over a lot of her competitors being over the age of 50.  That’s nothing for her to hide though as she is still clearly one of the most stunning poker women around.

Tiffany Michelle is with out a doubt one of the sexiest women in the world today.  Since the 2008 WSOP Tiffany has shown she is not to be messed with at the poker table.  Maybe away from the tables as well with the scandals that have had a big affect on her career.

Online poker is never safe with Shana Hiatt, playing most of her poker out of the casino and having presented US shows poker after dark and the national heads-up poker championship, Shana is now normally seen in online card rooms taking innocent amateurs hard earned cash.  Beautiful and rich are another two ‘attributes’ Shana can be proud of.

Of course we are not forgetting the unbelievably gorgeous Joanna Krupa.  Half polish half American, this sexy temptress is a model/actress who made her name beating the cast of The Apprentice in a charity event and since signed a deal with a leading online poker room.  The poker world hasn’t seen the last of this fine lady yet and thankfully we haven’t either.

Take your time on the PokerHarder UK poker babes page and you can decide who is your favourite poker babe.