Bankroll Management Strategy

Here we tell you some simple rules and give you guideance that will teach you how to properly manage your poker bankroll in order to become a profitable poker player

Online Poker Strategies

Although online poker is in essence the same game following the same rules you may play at home or in a casino, there are vast difference in terms of the strategy you should employ if you want to end your session in profit. Here we explore some of those strategies for you

No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy

There are some key and very important differences between playing limit and No limit Texas Holdem that all poker players need to understand, PokerHarder UK brings you strategies to improve your game and make it a more profitable one

Poker Tournament Strategy

Multi-table tournaments (MTT’s) have hugely increased in popularity in recent years due to huge guaranteed prize pools. Here we give you some solid multi table poker tournament strategy advice.

Bluffing in Poker

Think of poker and many think of bluffing, getting one of on your opponents can be great but it has to be done well, here we give you the tools to do that and teach you some vital strategies that you should know before attempting to start bluffing in poker games

This is the section of PokerHarder UK where we will give you some basic Poker Strategies that will improve your game and give you the tools you need to start taking your own poker skills to the next level.

We will talk about the most important strategies in poker which will set you up with a solid foundation that you can use to improve your game.  You can use these strategies to explore new ways to keep your skill level progressing as well as letting you know what your strengths already are.  Bankroll is a really good place to start because once you can control your bankroll you will be able to safely explore your new found techniques without worrying. 

Our online guide will give you all the advice you need if you are just starting out online and if you have been playing live but want to start playing online as well.  Even if you’re used to playing live poker you will find that there are some differences when playing online for the first time, don’t worry though the basics are the same and there is a lot of fun to be had playing online poker.

Bluffing is something most people associate with poker and when done properly can give you a huge adrenaline rush.  You shouldn’t just go shoving chips all in without any kind of hand though, there are good and bad ways to bluff and it should always be done at the right time and in moderation.  TV poker shows are usually edited to show the most interesting hands played during tournaments so a lot of amateur players see this and think this is the way poker is always played – its not.  PokerHarder’s poker bluffing strategy will tell you how it really is and help you learn to bluff successfully.

The poker strategy section of poker harder gives you the basic poker strategies so that you can take your game to the next level with confidence.

Learning these strategies at PokerHarder UK will mean you won’t have to spend countless amounts of time and money working them out the long way.  It also means you will always be one step ahead of those players who haven’t learned them.

Different players use different poker strategies, many use lots of strategies in varying measures, you can use this section of PokerHarder UK to find out which ones appeal to you the most and then employ them to create your own winning style of play.  If you want to test out your new found style you can practise for free on Pokerstars at their play