Forum Review

One of the biggest poker forums online is TwoPlusTwo. David Sklansky started the TwoPlusTwo poker forum and it has increased steadily in popularity. TwoPlusTwo now has over 200,000 members, read our review here Forum Review

Unlike other poker forums contains nearly no ‘Not suited for work’ material which means its safe to look at anywhere. Read on to see other pro’s and con’s of the poker forum Forum Review

FlopTurnRiver is one of the older poker forums and since launching it has accumulated more than 1 million posts by more than 38,000 members. It is pretty spammy but has some good content as well, read on for a more in-depth review of this website. Forum Review is the baby of former NeverWinPoker’s controversial hosts Bryan Micon and Todd Witteles. We review their new website and tell you what all the controversy is about. Forum Review

The forum is home to around 90,000 registered members, 10 thousand of which are still active. These members are made of poker veterans and amateurs alike. PocketFives is a modern, friendly, easy to understand forum with a wealth of information for you. Read what we think about here

If you have a question about poker or just want to talk to like minded people then Poker Forums are the perfect place to visit.  Some poker forums are better than others, some have little information or traffic and some have tons.  Here we will tell you which ones we think will be most useful for you. 

TwoPlusTwo is a very well known poker forum that has been established for many years.  Founded by poker great David TwoPlusTwo gets has had millions of posts written on it, there is so much information on strategies, poker tournaments and celebrities as well as just general poker talk that it can sometimes be hard to find what you want if you’re new to the forum.  But having said that it if you post a question you are certain to get a number of responses.

DonkDown poker forum (formerly known as NeverWinPoker) on the other hand is well known for making highly inappropriate poker related topics and have been the source of much controversy in the poker community.  If you want to find out more about this controversial forum you please read our review.

If you need an easy to understand poker forum to start you off then PoketFives is a much loved forum with a more up to date design than TwoPlusTwo and less topics meaning you should find it easier to see what you’re looking for.  PocketFives also has its own Poker system as well as a pokercast and regular broadcasts.  See our review if you’d like to know more about the PocketFives Forum.

PokerHarder UK doesn’t currently have its own poker forum but who knows, if its something our community needs then we will let everybody at PokerHarder know.  In the meantime though there should be more than enough information and fun here to keep you busy as well as regularly updated content for your enjoyment.