PocketFives.com Forum Review

Back in 2005 Adam, Riley and Cal founded the poker forum, PocketFives.com.  Now the forum is home to around 90,000 registered members, 10 thousand of which are still active.  These members are made of poker veterans and amateurs alike.  The thinking behind making PocketFives was to create a poker community for poker players to support each others online poker ventures. 

PocketFives has over 400,000 threads and over 5 million posts.  The interesting thing about PocketFives is that ithas its own player rankings which are well respected within the poker community.  PocketFives Rankings has now evolved into a list of the top 100 online tournament players of all time.

The rankings for this list are achieved not only by your online tournament results but also by voters.  These voters are call PocketFives ‘Pro Pollers’ who are online poker players who have achieved outstanding results and are experts in the field of online poker.

If you have found the TwoPlusTwo forum a little daunting then the PocketFives forum should suit you better, you will find that they have an easier to understand and more accessible layout with titles to sections such as ‘Hand Advice’, ‘Bad Beats’ and ‘Poker Legislation’ so you will know exactly where to look for answers or post your own questions.

Like TwoPlusTwo, PocketFives.com also have their own ‘pokercast’ (pod cast) which is released a few times each month.  They manage to attract cool guests to their shows.  Their most recent pokercast featured Micheal ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi and he answered questions put to him from members of the poker community as well as telling us how he is preparing for the WSOP 2010 Final table in November.

We recommend visiting PocketFives and seeing for yourself, you can find a wealth of information and talk to other like minded players.