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Bold Poker Bluff


Poker Videos can be really interesting, some are insightful, some are show truly amazing plays and some are just plain hilarious.  We have put together some of the classics for your enjoyment here at PokerHarder UK.   You will find amazing poker, funny trash talks, bluffs and all sorts.

One of our chosen videos shows the moment Sammy Farha knocks out actress Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver Hudson out off the one of the 2005 WSOP main event table on the very first hand.  An astonishing flop is dealt and what happens next means Oliver Hudson is out of the tournament on his very first hand meaning he had just paid $10k for 90 seconds of poker.

We all love Daniel, watch him play heads-up against Jerry Buss and see the moment they are both all in and waiting for the turn.  We won’t ruin it for you but you will see a straight flush that wins the entire tournament.

Marcel Luske also known as ‘The Flying Dutchman’ shows just exactly how good he is at poker while wearing his legendary upside down sunglasses he wins a great pot while there are only two tables left in the WSOP main event.  You can see this video of Marcel Luske in the videos section of PokerHarder UK.

Well known big mouthed player Tony can be seen trash talking Ralph Perry all the way through a hand of poker and after he has won.  Tony G won the hand with Ace-two of spades Vs. Perry’s King-Jack of spades and doesn’t let Perry live it down afterwards.

If you love bluffing in poker and you want to see how the top pro’s do it, check out the video where Phil Ivey is playing against Paul Jackson in a huge pot where both players have no hand and yet they’re both bluffing that they have.  See who wins the pot and watch this amazing double poker

Our videos section is here for your entertainment so feel free to come back to PokerHarder UK and watch your favourite moments as often as you like.