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Got some time to kill and don’t know what to do? Why not check out some poker videos? In this section of PokerHarder, you’ll find some of the best, most classic and most enjoyable poker videos on the web. Our editors have compiled videos of poker, of some of the greatest poker hands, bluffs and trash talks, for your enjoyment.

For example, check out the poker video of Daniel Negreanu heads-up against Jerry Buss. With the poker players all-in and waiting for the turn, amazingly Negreanu makes a straight flush, winning the hand and in fact the whole poker tournament. See this amazing poker hand for yourself in the Daniel Negreanu Reads Straight Flush poker video.

An insane first hand was played at one of the 2005 World Series of Poker main event tables. Professional poker player Sammy Farha faces actress Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver Hudson heads-up when an astonishing flop is dealt by the dealer. What happens next leaves Sammy Farha doubling up on his stack and Oliver Hudson leaving the table after only one hand and just over 90 seconds of poker play. Want to see how it happened? Check out the video of this insane first hand in poker!

Take a look at the Marcel Luske Kings Are Good poker video to see professional Marcel ‘The Flying Dutchman’ Luske up to his usual antics. Wearing his upside down sunglasses and never afraid to tell his opponents how he feels about them, he wins an amazing pot with only 2 tables left in the WSOP main event. View the video to find out Luske’s legendary level of assertiveness at the poker table.

A great example of professional poker player Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga’s big mouth can be seen in the Tony G vs Ralph Perry poker video. Tony G wins the hand all-in with an ace of spades and two of spades versus Ralph Perry’s king and jack of spades. Tony G trash talks Perry all the way through the hand and even more after he wins the hand. Take a look at this poker video to see for yourself and ‘Bring on more Russians!!!’.

Another great video is the Phil Ivey vs. Paul Jackson bluff . In a massive pot with about 750,000 chips, both players hit absolutely nothing, Phil Ivey, after a lot of thinking and calculating, makes his master move and wins the pot in this amazing poker bluff.

We hope you wil enjoy this selection of poker videos.