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Welcome to the Internet Poker section, where PokerHarders shows that there's more to internet poker than endless lists of poker rooms. There are many other forms of poker entertainment and products people can enjoy other than internet poker rooms, like useful forums, poker blogs and websites. It would be a shame to miss out on these internet poker sites. That's why we thought it would be a good idea to create a section dedicated to all forms of internet poker.

Poker forums can be very useful resources if you are looking for personal interaction with the internet poker community. One of the best (and oldest) poker forums is TwoPlusTwo. They offer a tremendous amount of information for any level of player, be it beginner or advanced. Besides the forum Two Plus Two have their own publishing company, which has brought out some of the best and most respected poker books over the years. You can find our reviews of some of their books in our poker books section.

If you are looking for some random websites like web shops, poker associations or companies that make very cool poker gear, take a look at the poker websites category. There you can find sites that operate as poker stock markets, where players can offer shares of internet tournaments they plan on playing. If the player happens to win in the poker tournament, the investors get back their initial investment (for instance 10% of a $100 tournament), plus an equal percentage of the profit. On these websites skilled players that can't afford to play real money poker tournaments on the internet get a chance to play for players who rather not play themselves (or pay 100% of a tournament buy-in). Besides the poker stock markets, there are many other interesting internet poker sites to explore, so don't let this put you of if this is not your thing.

Another thing you shouldn't miss is our poker blogs category; here we review some of the most popular poker blogs on the internet, which will give you a good start exploring the poker blogosphere. Even though poker players are often stigmatized as being extremely lazy people, some of these pro players and poker enthusiast actually produce interesting content on a regular basis. So if you are looking to expand your horizon of internet poker, you have come to the right place. Have fun.

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