– Website Review is one of the biggest suppliers of poker chips on the web and offers a very wide selection of poker chips; from cheap to expensive and from clay to ceramic chips (similar to poker chips in the casino’s).

Buypokerchips might come across a little chaotic at first, but once you find your way around the site you will see that all the different types of pokerchips are organized nicely (high end chip, mid range and custom poker chips).

The different series of chips have clearly written reviews, explaining the types of material used, the advantages over other types of chips and in which factories the chips are produced. It’s also possible to order a sample if you’d like to feel and see the chips in real life, before buying a complete set.

Besides specific information about poker chipsets, there is also a lot of general information about poker chips, like an interesting article explaining that the official weight of poker chips isn’t 11.5 grams (contrary to what many people believe).

High quality clay chips aren’t that hard to find online but ceramic poker chips of the highest quality are. With ceramic poker chips it will be difficult (if not impossible) for your poker guests to tell the difference between your chips and the chips from the casino. So if you hadn’t been able to find ceramic poker chips yet, will be able to accomodate you.

Maybe you’re not looking for high-end chips to impress your friends, but do have an awesome design in mind that would. On the Buypokerchips website they can produce custom poker chips for you in 4 easy steps. This is also a good idea if you’re still looking for a birthday or wedding present with a personal touch.

They also offer high quality poker chip cases, so you won’t have to throw those impressive pokerchips into a box or plastic bag. Instead, we’d prefer to go for the high-end 1000-chip case, built using select-grade kiln-dried American hardwood finished with multiple coats of satin lacquer. But considering the price we might have to wait ’till we win another poker tournament online, hehe.

If all this talk about poker chips has made you hungry to go out and buy your own set of high-end or custom made poker chips, then is a good place to go to.