– Poker Forum Review

The TwoPlusTwo forum is one of the biggest and oldest poker forums on the internet with over 20 million posts of which most are strategy related. In our review of TwoPlusTwo we discuss all the features of the site and all it’s pros and cons. – Poker Forum Review

If you’re planning on visiting the forum, be sure to read our Review and save yourself some valuable time. Find out what CardsChat’s most entertaining forum section. – Poker Forum Review

FlopTurnRiver has been around for quite some time, but is it still worth your time? Read our FlopTurnRiver forum review today. Forum – Poker Forum Review

Check out why, formally known as NeverWinPoker, is the most controversial and ‘not suited for work’ poker forum out there and what Tony G has to do with it (or not). – Poker Forum Review

PocketFives is one of the more modern and user friendly poker forums on the net. Besides the forum they also have an acclaimed online tournament ranking and a weekly podcast. Check out all the pros and cons of PocketFives here.

Poker Forums can be some of the most resourceful places when it comes to getting answers for specific poker related questions. We say ‘can’, because not all poker forums are as resourceful as others. In some cases, they are just flat out rude (but entertaining non the less). On this page we have selected a few forums we thought were worth mentioning.

Probably the most famous and popular poker forum is TwoPlusTwo. This forum has been around for many years and was founded by one of the greatest minds of poker, David Sklansky. Since it’s creation, millions of posts were made, containing a tremendous amount of useful (strategical) information. That said, the interface still looks a little out of date and it can be hard to find the right information if you are new to the forum.

On the other end of the spectrum there’s the DonkDown poker forum, formally known as NeverWinPoker. They make a sport out of creating inappropriate poker related topics (often creating topics not suited for work) and have been the source of many controversy within the poker community. The poker forum was originally created by Brian Micon and Todd Witteles. If you want to know if this forum still lives up to it’s reputation, you should check out our review.

If this is your first time looking for a suitable poker forum we suggest starting off by reading our review about PocketFives. Their design is a little bit more up to date and because they have less topics it’s easier to find topics with the right answers. PocketFives has created it’s own online poker rankings and broadcasts a pokercast on a regular basis. Check out the review if you want to know where to find all these things and more on the PocketFives forum.

Who’s knows maybe one day PokerHarder will have it’s own poker forum, if that’s something the community needs. For now we think the topics and posts made in all these poker forums should keep you busy enough for the time being. We hope you will be welcomed with open arms by these forums and if not, let us know and will let everybody on PokerHarder know.