– Poker Forum Review

The forum is of similar size to the FlopTurnRiver forum, but with a much less chaotic user experience.

The CardsChat forum has well over 100,000 threads with over 1 millions post from more than 70,000 members. They don’t display how many of these members are actually active, but it’s probably safe to say that less than 10% of these members are.

Just like some of the other forums, CardsChat is a bit spammy, but aside from the big block on every page asking you to register for a gazillion ‘awesome’ reasons (NOT!) and a floating banner stuffing ‘Top X’ rooms down your throat (how can X poker rooms all be the best?), you should be able to find some good content.

Something in particular we like on is their Golden Archive Section. It’s their own hall of fame with poker related threads they thought needed some special attention.

We would like to see other poker forums to take note of this and set up similar sections. It would make life a lot easier, especially for new visitors (possible future members) trying to find some good topics without having to spend hours digging through hundreds or rather thousands of threads.

Besides the Golden Archive, the CardsChat forum is not much different from the other Forums mentioned on PokerHarder. It has useful strategy information for both beginners and veterans and provides a decent platform for a healthy poker discussion. doesn’t contain much (if any at all) Not Suited For Work material.