Stud Poker – Game Variants

The stud poker game has a much longer history than Holdem. Curious to find out more about the history of Stud poker and it’s different variations? Then be sure to read this article.

Omaha Poker – Game Variants

Want to know more about Omaha Poker? Look no further, we cover the differences between Omaha and Texas Hold’em, the history, variants of Omaha and places to play the game.

Video Poker – Game Variants

Why are video poker slot machines so popular and where do they come from? Find out in this article about video poker machines

Texas Hold’Em Poker – Game Variants

Heard of the game of Texas Hold’Em before, but aren’t sure what exactly it is? Check out this article with some general information about Texas Hold’Em, briefly covering the history and goals of the game.

Draw Poker – Game Variants

Draw poker is probably one of the oldest variations of poker and still is the most common game taught to new players in home games around the world. Read more about Draw poker and variations like Triple Draw here.

Although Texas Holdem poker is by far the most commonly played form of poker, there are many other poker game variants that are vividly being played throughout the world. Some less popular than others, we try to bring you up-to-date information regarding the five most played poker variants, to help you find new poker game variants to enjoy playing.

The best known, most widely spread and most played poker game variant of today is

Texas Hold’em Poker. If you’ve heard about poker before, chances are you’ve been hearing about Texas Holdem Poker. This hasn’t always been the case. Prior to the year 2000, Texas Holdem Poker was far less popular. If you want to learn more about poker variant Texas Holdem, check out our article with game info and rules of holdem poker.

The second best known variant of the poker game is Omaha Holdem poker. In this poker variant, each player is dealt four cards. Many Texas Holdem poker players also play Omaha Holdem poker on the side as a way to get some diversion. Though it’s not as popular as Texas Holdem, Omaha Holdem poker can be quite fun. Read our article on the Omaha Poker Game to learn more about Omaha Holdem poker!

With the popularity of the Holdem poker variants, most notably Texas Holdem and Omaha Holdem, one might think these are the traditional, old-school variants of poker. In reality, Texas Holdem poker and Omaha Holdem are relatively new poker game variants. Way before Holdem poker became as popular as it is today, Stud poker was the way to go.

The stud poker game is not a variant of poker itself, but rather a family of related poker card games. Popular forms of stud poker are 7-card stud poker, Caribbean stud poker, Mexican stud and Mississippi stud poker. Want to know more about the Stud poker game variant? Check out our article on the stud poker game.

One of the oldest poker variants is Draw Poker. This is the variant of poker you’ve seen in those old wild west movies. Many different variants of poker are considered forms of draw poker. Our editors have prepared a selection of popular draw poker games, along with some background information on this poker game variant, on the Draw Poker Game page.

The latest craze in the world of poker, apart from the massively popular online poker games, is the video poker game. You might’ve seen people playing these machines over at the casino. For more information on the video poker variant, see the Video Poker game page.