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Millions of people worldwide play poker, either online, in real life or both. Only a select few of these players can truly be considered professional poker players.

Being a professional poker player can be quite rewarding. The biggest real-life poker tournaments pay out millions in prize money, up to $ 12,000,000 for the first prize. In the 2006 World Series of Poker, the Main Event prize pool was over 80 million US dollar.

Poker professionals live true Hollywood-style celebrity lives nowadays. And with more and more high-stakes poker games being televised nationwide and around the world, these exceptionally talented individuals’ international fame keeps growing steadily.

Currently, Phil Ivey may be considered one of the best-known poker players internationally. Many even consider him the world’s best poker player. Ivey has managed to rake up a larger amount of prize money than any other poker player to date. Eager to learn more about this living poker legend? Take a look at our Phil Ivey player profile.

Another greatly known poker professional is Daniel Negreanu. Coming in as second in all-time poker career earnings, just behind Phil IveyNegreanu is considered an accomplished cash game and tournament poker player. Starting his poker career in the pre-internet poker era, Negreanu had to build his bankroll winning local poker games, before he could travel to Las Vegas to prove his luck. Unfortunately, his first encounter with the Vegas poker scene wasn’t what he had expected it to be. Want to find out how he still managed to get a great poker career on the rails? Check out our profile on poker player Daniel Negreanu.

{1056,The internet poker scene} has sprung some amazing offline poker talent. One of the best known professional poker players hailing from the online poker scene is Tom Dwan, best known under his online moniker ‘durrrr’. While he hasn’t won any WSOP bracelets or World Poker Tour titles as of yet, considering his age and skill level he’ll have more than enough time to win some high-profile tournaments and titles. Be sure to hop by our poker player profile on Tom Durrrr Dwan to read more about his journey from being an online poker hero to becoming a live poker pro!

The biggest name in poker by far is Doyle Brunson’s. Born in Texas, USA in 1933, this guy’s been around in poker longer than anyone else. The author of the de facto poker bible, the Super System book series, selling millions of copies in over 25 years, Brunson is considered the true poker legend. Check out his amazing story at our Doyle Brunson player profile.

The ‘official’ brat of the professional poker playersPhil Hellmuth, is amazingly talented at explaining his own greatness. With 11 WSOP bracelets won, you might be interested to take a look at our profile of poker player Phil Hellmuth.