Daniel Negreanu – Poker Player Profile

Team Poker Stars Pro member Daniel Negreanu was born in Canada and has Romanian roots as both his parents came over from Romania in the 60’s.

Negreanu realized as a teenager he wanted to become a professional gambler after spending many hours in snooker halls, where he learned how to play poker. This was before there was any internet poker, so learning poker required you to seek out any available games in town.

When Daniel was 22 and managed to build up a poker bankroll of his own, he packed his bags and headed off to Las Vegas to try and become a professional poker player. Unfortunately Vegas got the better of him and wiped out his entire bankroll, forcing him to go back home and rebuild his bankroll.

Daniel Negreanu managed to successfully rebuild his bankroll and after some notable tournament winnings at the Foxwoods casino he ended up back in Las Vegas.

Negreanu’s first ever WSOP cash in 1998 turned out to be his very first WSOP bracelet. Winning this $ 2,000 Omaha poker WSOP event earned him a sweet $169,460, which he added to his continuously growing bankroll.

2004 was his most successful poker year when he was named WSOP player of the year and also Card Player of the year. Since then Daniel Negreanu has won 4 WSOP bracelets in total, made over 23 WSOP final tables (including 2 at the WSOP Europe) and has made over 47 money cashes. His total WSOP winnings alone stand for more than $3,5 million.

He is second in the all time money list behind Phil Ivey with over $12,5 million in (tournament) winnings, but Daniel Negreanu isn’t just a great tournament player, he is also a phenomenal cashgame player.

Daniel is often seen playing at Bobby’s Room in the Bellagio casino. Bobby’s room in the Bellagio is one of the most notorious poker rooms in Las Vegas. Only the best poker players in the world go there to play the highest limits starting with blinds of $ 4,000 / $ 8,000 and up.

Besides hanging out at Bobby’s room he has appeared on many poker TV shows like the infamous High Stakes Poker (Definitely a PokerHarder staff favorite), Poker After Dark and Late Night Poker. Unfortunately Daniel Negreanu can’t seem to get a break when he plays on the High Stakes Poker TV show. So far he has lost money in all 6 seasons of the show; talking about running bad.

See here what running bad on High Stakes Poker looks like:

{youtube, 6YNc9oB2kp4}

Looking at all the things Daniel Negreanu has accomplished in his life and poker career, we are sure his future will look bright and that the poker community will have a lot of good things to look forward to. You can stay up to date with Negreanu by following his twitter feed which is shown below. You can also take a look at our review of Negreanu's personal blog here.