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Even though PokerHarder tries to provide you with all the information you need to become a great poker player, you might find it useful to read a book or two about poker. In some instances, reading books on poker strategy may even be vital for your growth as a poker player. In this section of PokerHarder, you’ll find a selection of great poker books on varying poker subjects, including books on poker strategy, playing poker at poker tournaments and even books on ‘reading’ your opponents in a pokergame.

With all the books about poker out there, you might find yourself having a little trouble finding the right poker book for you to read. To show you in the right direction, our editors have gone through an extensive collection of poker books and have put together a list of five of the best poker books on sale. Each of these books on poker will help you improve your individual skill as a poker player, as well as give you strategic insight into poker and Texas Holdem poker in particular.

Legendary poker player Doyle Brunson is the author of what is regarded as ‘the Bible of poker‘, the poker book Super System. Get all the information you need about this great poker book in our on Super System Book Review.

Our editor’s second choice is considered to be one of the best poker books ever written: The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky. This book will be especially helpful in attaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of the theory and strategy of the poker game and is recommended by nearly all top professional poker players internationally.

If you’re an avid poker tournament player, or aspiring to be one, there’s a truly amazing series of books out there, which is considered the most comprehensive and insightful series of poker books on Texas Holdem poker tournament strategy. Written by Dan Harrington, a $ 6.6 million in tournament winnings poker professional, and co-authored by Bill Robertie, one of the top professional backgammon players, the poker book series Harrington on Hold’em 1, 2 and 3 can prove to be what you need to become a truly successful tournament poker player.

Beginning poker players should definitely check out our page on the poker book No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournaments. This book is the must-have beginner’s guide on poker tournaments and poker tournament strategy!

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