Joanna Krupa – Poker Babe

Joanna Krupa is one of PokerHarder’s favorite poker babes. Go check out why we think so now.

Tila Tequila – Poker Babe

Tila Tequila the poker babe who dubs herself the baddest b**ch on the block has come a long way since. Check out her profile page with info about her poker room and some hot pictures.

Tiffany Michelle – Poker Babe

Read about the poker drama surrounding poker babe Tiffany Michelle.

Jennifer Tilly – Poker Babe

Besides being a successful Hollywood actress Jennifer Tilly is also a true poker player and babe for that matter.

Shana Hiatt – Poker Babe

Shana Hiatt can be seen as one of the very first poker babes and has been nicknamed the Goddess of Poker. Check out her profile page for more information about Shana and some very nice pictures. Enjoy.

Welcome to the favorite page of the PokerHarder editors and staff. In this section, you’ll find the hottest poker babes. You might have seen these babes in televised poker shows as they’re not just around the poker table for their looks, but also for their skills. You’ll find great bio’s and awesome pictures of our favorite poker babes right here on this page.

Our favorite poker babe by a long shot is the beautiful Joanna Krupa. This sexy Polish-American model and actress first played poker for a charity event with the cast of The Apprentice – and she won. She landed a deal with an online poker room and has been around in the poker world ever since. Be sure to check out the profile page of poker babe Joanna Krupa to learn more about her poker story. Plus, we’ve added some nice pictures for you to enjoy.

Another interesting case is Tila Tequila, best known around the globe from MTV’s A Shot at Love. This poker babe, who calls herself the ‘baddest b*tch on the block’, has her own online poker room and we applaud her for the effort to try and become a household name in poker. Want to know how we feel about the quality of her online poker room and read some more background information on Tila, take a look at our Tila Tequila Poker Babe page.

Academy Award nominated Hollywood actress Jennifer Tilly has been playing poker competitively since 2003 and is a World Series of Poker Ladies’ Event bracelet winner. Over 50 years of age, but still looking stunning; view our profile page on poker babe Jennifer Tilly for more info on this hottie.

Tiffany Michelle, a previous online video host for a poker website, has been playing poker professionally since the 2008 World Series of Poker. Give our poker babe profile page on Tiffany Michelle a visit if you want to know more about this here and the scandals surrounding her career.

Many poker players are familiar with NBC’s televised poker shows, Poker After Dark and the National Heads-Up Poker Championship, and their former hostess, Shana Hiatt. This babe of poker is an avid online poker player, and occasionally plays poker at the casino. Cruise over to the PokerHarder poker babes page on Shana Hiatt for more information on and pictures of this former Poker After Dark hostess and poker babe.