Joanna Krupa – Poker Babe

Joanna Krupa was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1979. She currently lives in Los Angeles and is one of PokerHarder’s favorite poker babes.

Joanna is a very calm person who still lives with her mother in Los Angeles. This has always kept her down to earth. She still speaks Polish fluently and hasn’t let the Hollywood super model life style get to her head.

Joanna Krupa has been declared Sexiest woman in the World by many magazines and that’s something we at PokerHarder can totally agree with.

The first time Joanna played poker, she was on the cover of Trump World when they organized a million-dollar charity poker event. She, the rest of The Apprentice cast members and all the people involved with the magazine entered the poker tournament.

Miraculously, Joanna Krupa managed to win her very first live poker tournament. She said in an interview she played ‘tight‘ and had lots of beginners luck. We believe by playing tight, she put herself in a situation where luck excelled her to victory.

Not long after her victory, Titan Poker came knocking at her door in 2006 and asked her to be their spokesperson. They thought a super model playing poker would be much more interesting to market than some old poker pro. Correct they were (it’s hard to forget pictures with Joanna Krupa in them).

After Joanna Krupa signed with Titan Poker she started playing a lot of poker online. This is where she found a perfect environment to sharpen her poker skills.

After only 1 year of online poker practice she made a very impressive debut at the Worlds Series of Poker main event. Outlasting more than 5,000 other poker players and cashing for the second time in a row during a live poker event.

Joanna Krupa made every man’s dream come true when she did a nude photo shoot for the Playboy in 2005. Besides posing for Playboy, she has also posed nude for three advertisements for PETA (animals right orginisation).

Let’s hope she keeps doing what she does best: being hot and playing poker.
You can read more about Joanna krupa on her official website or follow her on twitter.