Poker Tracker 3 – Poker Software Review

Long gone are the days of making notes on players and having to review your sessions based on your own recollection. With PokerTracker 3, it’s like having your own personal poker assistant doing all the dirty work to help you improve your game. Review

You think you’re a winning poker player and want some statistics to prove it, or you simply want to check out how you rank against the rest of the online poker world? In both cases, Official Poker Rankings has the information you desire.

DeucesCracked Coaching Videos – Poker Software Review

Ever dream of having a real pro as a poker teacher? DeucesCracked gives you the chance to learn directly from some of the biggest names in online poker and find out what makes them tick.

PokerStove – Poker Software Review

Not every poker player is automatically a math genius, so doing complicated calculations to determine whether or not you are a favorite in the hand is something many players might want to avoid. And now they can, thanks to PokerStove!

Holdem Manager – Poker Software Review

Ever wonder how often you steal blinds or what hands you lose the most money on? Wonder no more, because with Holdem Manager you can gain an insight into your own poker game like never before!

Nowadays, playing poker online has become immensely popular. One advantage of playing on your own computer rather than in the casino, is that you can use several useful poker software and tools to help you improve your poker game and enhance the gaming experience. In this section of PokerHarder, our editors have brought together some of the best poker software and tools in use in the online poker community today. And ofcourse you don’t just get the names of the poker software. Our editors have extensively used and reviewed these poker tools, so you will also find their software reviews of the tools they used.

Many online poker players like to track their own poker statistics, like their win/loss ratio’s, number of hands they’ve played, hands that make them the most money and the ones that cost them the most. Instead of using a pen and paper, there’s the possibility of using computer software that’s been especially created for this purpose. Two of the best tools to use are Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager, which can actually communicate with your online poker room to automatically track your statistics. They even allow you to view detailed real-time information on your opponents! Poker Tracker also lets you track Omaha Holdem hands. Want to learn more about the Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager poker tools? Be sure to read our poker software reviews on Poker Tracker 3 and Holder Manager.

Knowing the odds of your hand against the possible hands of your opponents can be vital in when applying winning poker strategies. Professional poker players, with all their experience, know many, if not all, odds by heart. If you’re a beginning poker player, however, this might be quite a challenge. Luckily, there’s some great tools out there to help you calculate your odds. Our editors have extensively tested many of these tools and have found that the best poker odds calculator by far is PokerStove. Check out our PokerStove software review and you might soon find yourself using this great piece of poker software!

Playing online poker tournaments is fun. Tracking how you do at these tournaments and how you rank up against other players worldwide is even more fun. One of the greatest poker tools for this purpose is the Web Tool. This tool, which communicates with the top online poker rooms to automatically attain rankings from loads of online tournaments, will tell you how well you do compared to other players, as well as share insights on the skill level of your opponents. To learn more, read our editor’s review on the Web Tool.

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