Holdem Manager – Poker Software Review

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Holdem Manager (HEM) is a package of online poker tools, similar to PokerTracker 3, in which players can track and analyze their game in order to filter out mistakes and become a more profitable poker player. Not only does it enable you to replay your poker hands from previous cash game sessions and tournaments, providing you with pretty much every statistic imaginable, but it also offers a vast number of stats on your opponents, to help you identify the fish and the sharks at your table.

By importing and saving your hand histories during game-play and compiling them into a database, Holdem Manager provides you with an array of information aimed at improving your poker game. You can check out how profitable you play, how often you call, check, bet or raise, which hands you make the most money on, and so on. Apart from compiling all this information about your own play, HEM also supplies you with statistics on your opponents, which brings us to the Heads Up Display (HUD).

The HUD gathers information about the other players at your table and provides you with real-time statistics on all the aspects of your opponents’ game, whether it is pre-flop raise %, their post-flop aggression level or how often they donk-bet into players. The HUD is fully customizable, so you can have it provide you with whatever information you regard as necessary. You can also use different HUD setting for different games or poker rooms, so you don’t have to adjust them every time you switch from a full ring cash game to a 6-max tournament.

One of the few major differences between Holdem Manager and PokerTracker 3 is that HEM offers no option to track Omaha poker hands (only as an add-on that they charge you for), and according to forum opinions, many users prefer the PokerTracker 3 layout. On the other hand, the Holdem Manager HUD is regarded as being the best in the business, and its software is said to be more stable than that of the competition.  

All in all, Holdem Manager is a great tool for mid- and high-stakes players to perfect their game and gain an edge over their competition. However, for a beginning poker player, the information presented, especially using the HUD, is often more confusing than helpful, and we would strongly suggest to only start using these tools once you have become more familiar with all the aspects of the game.