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Welcome to the poker jokes section of PokerHarder. Here you’ll find the best and most entertaining humor and jokes on poker. , or poker in general, can be quite serious business every now and then. To help you relax a bit after a long stretch of playing poker, either online or in real life, we’ve […]

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Welcome to the PokerHarder Poker Fun lobby page. The game of poker and playing it for money, either online or at the casino, can be quite a serious experience. Luckily, the world of poker also leaves more than enough room for fun and relaxation.

In this section of PokerHarder, our editors have compiled the best resources that can be considered to be ‘poker fun’. From videos of legendary poker situations and the funniest poker jokes, to the hottest poker babes, this is the page where you’ll find it all!

Firstly, a great way to relax can be to watch some entertaining poker videos. Legendary bluffs, the biggest betting mistakes, rudest table trash talks and biggest hands won; our editors have literally gone through thousands of videos to bring you only the most fun videos to watch. And hey, watching these fun poker videos may even improve your game.

In the Poker Jokes category you’ll find the funniest poker jokes from varying sources. Our fun-editor has made a selection from his vast collection of jokes of poker and shares his ten most funniest jokes with you at our Poker Jokes page.

One of the more awesome categories in this fun section is the Poker Babes category. We’ve compiled bio’s and photo’s of the hottest poker babes for your enjoyment. With the likes of the self proclaimed ‘baddest b*tch on the block’, Tila Tequila, of MTV’s A Shot at Love fame, Hollywood actress, Academy Award nominee and WSOP Ladies’ Event bracelet winner Jennifer Tilly, former online poker video hostess Tiffany Michelle and former Poker After Dark hostess Shana Hiatt, we’ve got some awesomely ‘talented’ babes for you to read up on. Our personal favorite, super model turned poker professional Joanna Krupa, also gets the attention she deserves. Check out the babes section to view all the info and pictures on of these sexy poker babes.

Looking for a fun and entertaining way to test and sharpen your poker skills, or those of your family and your friends? Try our Poker Quiz and see if your knowledge of poker rules and tactics is up to par. Our quiz-editor has compiled a series of questions on poker rules, poker strategy, poker tactics and the like. Getting a 100/100 score in our quiz puts you right up there with the poker pro’s as far as your skill level and poker knowledge is concerned.