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This is the section of PokerHarder where you can get away from the serious business of and enjoy some of the best poker jokes from around the world.  It’s good to take a break from poker from time to time, whether you’re on tilt or you’ve just been playing for hours.  In our poker fun […]

Bing Bang Blaow


Bold Poker Bluff


This is the Poker Fun section of Pokerharder.  Any way you feel like relaxing or just chilling out for a while Pokerharder has covered.  You have a wide choice of legendary poker videos, mind sharpening quizzes, hilarious jokes and my favourite the heart racing poker babes.  With all this found at the Pokerharder fun section its perfect for those short breaks if you’re playing online or if you just want to share your new found humour and facts with your poker friends.

The poker jokes page is not only full of fun and ridiculous poker pictures but also the top ten funniest poker jokes ever heard.  After a lot of not so boring research, thousands of jokes were considered as well as a few that are best unheard and Pokerharder gives you only the best to share and enjoy with your friends.

All your poker knowledge is put to the test on the Pokerharder quiz page.  See just how much you really know when you are put to the test on poker rules, strategies, and tactics.  A high score out of 100 might give you the confidence to get straight back to the table knowing how good you really are.  But a low score, well maybe you should read through a few more tips on Pokerharder first.

Maybe watch Pokerharder’s poker videos.  There is a selection of videos that have amazing but crazy bets, trash talk, and some unbelievable bluffs.  You can definitely pick up some good tips and learn from the pros mistakes but also just enjoy watching some unforgettable moments in poker history.  Either way you’re sure to that the find the Pokerharder videos page is entertaining if not a little educational.

Of course the first page you probably went to when finding Pokerharder, the poker babes page. The hottest and sexiest women of poker laid bare for your pleasure.  Full biographies on each stunning poker goddess and most importantly the finest picture gallery you will find on any poker website.  Pokerharder presents; Tila Tequila, Jennifer Tilly, Tiffany Michelle, Shana Hiatt, and Joanna Krupa.  These babes leave no doubt that Poker is the sexiest sport out there and after seeing the Pokerharder babes, who can argue with that.