Tiffany Michelle – Poker Babe

The following poker babe is kind of controversial, but one we couldn’t leave her out because of that: Tiffany Michelle.

She gained some notoriety when she finished in 17th place during the World Series of Poker Main Event 2008. She was the last woman standing in the field and earned $334,534.

A year before, in 2007, Tiffany Michelle started working for the PokerNews website as a hostess for their online videos. During the 2008 World Series of Poker she was still working for PokerNews as a hostess and agreed with Tony G (the bad boy of poker and owner of PokerNews) and Jeffrey Lisandro to play the $10,000 main event for them. They would pay her buy-in and in return she would wear a PokerNews badge and get 20% of the winnings.

When the Main event had finally begun she started out wearing PokerNews gear and apparel, however she ended her Main event wearing an Ultimate Bet logo (a good example of a poorly managed online poker room). This greatly upset Tony G, who responded with an official reaction on his personal poker blog.

Here’s an interesting quote from that blog post:

“I really love the girl and she is a star to me, and a great entertainer but not qualified enough as a skilled poker player that I would stake in the main event and if I were to do that, her value would be 80/20 and I know that if she places, she is going to get a huge deal but before she’s proven herself, no one would want to touch her with that big of an investment on unproven ground.”

Tony G wasn’t the only one disappointed in this whole episode; so was PokerNews, who came out with an official statement 48 hours after the logo incidents and after Tiffany Michelle had finished at 17th place (without any drama on her mind).

So far Tiffany Michelle has not been able to repair the damage done to her image as a poker player and has never brought out an official statement.

Here are some more interesting facts about Tiffany Michelle.

She was homeschooled since childhood and has co-written a Christian book with her mother, Scriptures at Your Fingertips for Teens. We think it’s a shame that all the social skills she learned whilst writing her heavenly scriptures and staying at home didn’t pay off for her poker carrier.

She passed on the 2009 World Series of Poker to compete on the CBS show The Amazing Race. Hmmmm……

Tiffany Michelle said no to The Playboy when they gave her an unique opportunity to grace the pages of this greatly appreciated gentlemen’s magazine.

If you’d like to get more information on poker player Tiffany Michelle give her official website or Twitter a try. You can keep a track of her tournament winnings on her Hendonmob profile page.