Site Review

If you’re looking to buy a decent set of poker chips for your home games or any kind of poker chips for that matter then we think is an excellent place to look.  They have a huge selection of poker chips in all different patterns and weights and depending on how much you want to spend they are made from different materials too, like clay and ceramic which is what casino chips are made from.

We think the website at first glance is a little hectic and not too easy on the eye but once you take a closer look we think its pretty neat and well organised from expensive chips right down to bargain chips as well as custom made poker chips!

Each set of chips on the website has a review next to it stating what materials they’re made from as well as the advantages over other types of chips and they even go as far as to tell you where each set of chips is made.  Another great feature of is that you can order a sample of any set of chips you want so that you can decide when you see them in real life if they’re your perfect poker chips or not.

As well as writing reviews for each set of poker chips, also has other information about poker chips such as articles explaining that the official weight of poker chips isn’t 11.5 grams even though many people think it is. 

It is possible to find other clay poker chips at other online poker websites but it is really hard to find (if not impossible) a site where you can buy ceramic poker chips and believe us your guests will really notice the difference when they hold a set of ceramic poker chips.  So if you’ve been searching for somewhere to buy good quality ceramic poker chips then is certainly the site for you.

Perhaps the material of the chips doesn’t matter to you but you have specific ideas of the design you want on your own personalised chip set.  You can order chips featuring your own design on by following four simple steps.  We think these are a thoughtful idea for a gift for a friend or family member.

Now you’ve got your perfect set of poker chips all picked out but no where to put them? have a selection of high quality poker chip cases so you won’t be just chucking them all in a bag at the end of your game and losing them.  We at PokerHarder UK like the high-end 1000-chip case because it is built using a select grade kiln dried American hardwood which is finished with multiple coats of satin lacquer, that one is very expensive though be warned!

If you want a new or first set of poker chips or are just looking to get a much better set than you already have then we recommend to you.