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If you’re looking for the best poker playing cards in the world then look no further, it won’t get any better than Kem Cards on If it were up to us we would never play with any other kind of cards.

Kem Cards are extremely durable, you can fold the cards right through the middle and the cards will bounce back into their original state, without leaving any mark. This mean you won’t have to throw them away after a poker session with your friends.

Unlike other plastic cards, Kem cards are not made out of 1 solid piece of plastic pressed into a playing card. Instead, they are made out of many tiny balls of plastic that are ‘sprayed’ into a card shape at high temperatures. This is what gives them their flexible nature, without losing their original shape.

Another benefit of Kem cards is that they are 100% water resistant. This means spilling drinks over your precious deck of cards is not something to be worried about. If you get some kind of sticky drink or substances spilled over your cards you can easily clean them with water.

Kem Cards are also offered in the original poker card size of 2½in × 3½in; 63 mm × 88 mm. These cards are a little wider than your typical bridge or blackjack cards and give the poker players a better view of the community cards on the table and the cards held in their hands. The cards are offered in packs of 2 decks concealed in a thick plastic box which makes it easy to store the deck after a game session.

If you ever happen to lose one of the 52 cards in the deck you can easily order a single card from Kem Cards. In every deck of Kem cards there is an extra card with information on how to order any lost or damaged cards. This means that a deck of Kem Cards could in theory last your entire life and that’s why we think that Kem Cards are the best poker cards around when it comes to playing live poker.

So if you willing to make the investment into a serious deck of cards that will last you a very long time then check out the KEM Cards website.