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Kem Cards are in our opinion, the best poker playing cards in the world.  They can be found at and below we will tell you why we would always choose Kem Cards over other types when we play poker

The good thing about Kem cards is that although they’re generally more expensive than other cards it really does work out as good value for money, this is due to the fact that they’re so durable, you can literally bend them in half and they will just bounce back.  So you won’t end up having to get a new pack of cards every few sessions because they won’t be ‘marked’.

The reason Kem cards are so durable is because they’re not made of one solid piece of plastic pressed into a playing card but instead they’re made of thousands of tiny balls of plastic that are sprayed into the shape of a card at very high temperatures. 

Kem Cards are also water resistant so if your drunken uncle accidently knocks his beer all over the table you can rest assured that your cards won’t be damaged and if they’re sticky you can just wash them clean.

You can buy Kem cards in original poker cards sizes (2½in × 3½in; 63 mm × 88 mm) as well as other bridge or blackjack sizes and they come in a variety of styles and patterns.  We recommend buying poker size cards because it gives players a better view of the community cards and it is the size you will be using if you play in a casino.

Another great thing about Kem cards is that if you lose a card you can order it again from, yes you can order any single card.  So really a pack of Kem cards can last you your whole life. As long as no one takes a fancy to them and steals them from you!  This is why we think Kem Cards are the best playing cards around.

You can order and browse for your own set of Kem Cards on the KEM Cards website.