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Subscribe to ChipMeUp is sort of a stock market for poker, where players can raise money  (staking /backing  in poker) to play in tournaments and investors can invest in tournament players, earning a share of their winnings. was thought up by online poker player rkruok, who used to offer his friends the option to buy a piece of his tournament buy-ins, so that he was able to play tournaments he couldn’t afford before and his friends were able to get in on his poker winnings. After a while  more and more people wanted a piece of rkruok‘s tournament action, until it reached a point where it all became to confusion.

He thought there must be a better way for online poker players to be able to back (stack) each other. So he eventually came up with, which has since been the prominent place for poker players to offer and buy shares to each other.

If a player sells 10% if his tournament buy-in and ends up winning $ 1,000 in the tournament, he will have to return 10% (a total of $ 100) to his investors and can keep the other 90% to himself. The site offers a stake calculator, which makes a life a lot easier if you don’t feel like doing the math.

Besides the stake calculator, also offers a rating system which is divided into 2 parts, the transaction rating and the player rating. The transaction rating determines if a player is trustworthy or not. The higher the rating the more efficient and reliable they are in transferring the money.

The player rating represents the value a poker player has and is calculated based on the number of events the player has played and the return on investment made (ROI). This rating is calculated automatically and qualification starts when you have played 5 events.

If you think you are good enough to create a high player rating give a try, as it will allow you to play more tournaments and ones you couldn’t afford but are skilled enough for. 

Check out this video or visit their website if you would like to know more about poker staking and backing.

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