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Subscribe to ChipMeUp is a site for poker players where they can buy or sell shares in poker tournaments that they play or if they bought shares in another player the other player then plays the game, this is known as (staking or backing in poker). 

The idea for ChipMeUp came from an online poker player called rkruok, he used to let his friends buy parts (shares) of his tournament buy-ins so he could afford to play the bigger tournaments that he couldn’t afford alone, his friends in turn the got a share of his winnings.  So many of rkruok’s friends wanted to buy shares in his tournaments that he started to get confused with all the action.  That was when he came up with the idea for ChipMeUp, which is now a place where all kinds of poker players can do what rkruok did and be organised about it too. is easy to use and the system is pretty simple once you get the hang of it, here is an example: say a player sells 10% of his tournament buy-in (meaning he only has to pay 90% of the cost to buy in) and he ends up winning $1,000 in the tournament, then he will pay the investors back their 10% which would be $100 and the rest of the money goes to him.  To make this even simpler to work out there is a stake calculator on the site.

There is also a ratings system on which shows whether a player is trustworthy or not a little bit like ebay, the more reliable and efficient the player is at transferring the money.  This rating is based on the number of tournaments a player has played and the return on investment (ROI) they achieved.  The ratings start when a player has played in five events.

Have a look at if you think you are a player that can get good ratings or if you want to invest in others to try and make some money.

This video will show you more about ChipMeUp or you can visit their website if you would like to know more about poker staking and backing.

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