The Theory of Poker – David Sklansky – Poker Book Review


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The Theory of Poker is written by David Sklansky and unlike other poker books whose theories are for specific poker game types like hold’em or Omaha Sklansky’s theories can be applied to nearly all poker variations.

The theory of poker begins by explaining the Fundamental Theorem of Poker.  It goes on to talk about bluffing, psychology, the value of deception, game theory, implied odds, heads up play, semi bluffing, the value of position and so much more. 

For all those doubters out there this book explains why poker is a game of skill and why because of this good poker players suffer more bad beats than not as good players.  There are many so many interesting theories, concepts and ideas in this book many of which you will read and then think ‘oh yes, why didn’t I think of that before, it makes so much sense’.

You can learn from this book concepts that will stay with you forever and change the way you play for the better.  Ask any poker pro’s which books they recommend and the theory of poker will come up again and again.

If you’re new to poker we at PokerHarder UK don’t recommend this to be  the first book you buy.  Simply because the theories are very complex and you need a basic understanding of the game before you try to explore these.  There are other books like SuperSystem that you can buy that will give you a better basis with which to start out in the game.  For more advanced players though The theory of poker is a book you can study and leave other players behind in their games while you go soaring past them in regards to skill.