Forum Review is a pretty new website; it used to be the NeverWinPoker forum. is run by Bryan Micon and Todd Witteles.  Well Micon and Witteles are responsible for the content in the forum (the Lithuanian programmers for the site are from a company owned by pro player and businessman Tony G

The majority of readers in the poker world thought that NeverWinPoker was the most offensive, sexist, filthy, drug glorifying website ever.  But not everyone is a like and plenty of people got a lot of entertainment from the site. 

Bryan Micon and his colleagues then left NeverWinPoker and the site turned into a pretty boring site full of spam and adverts for crappy online poker rooms.  Micon and his gang though moved most of their content to their new website which is what we know as DonkDown.

If you’re wondering about the reasons behind the sudden new name of DonkDown then you will be pleased to know that their website will tell you why, the very first line of the new website is:

“When Lithuania killed NeverwinPoker, it went DonkDown! Welcome to the new home of Bryan Micon, Todd Witteles, and your favorite uncensored poker forum. Now back under USA management.”

If we are to believe Micon and his gang then the zombies from Lithuania killed NeverWinPoker.  But I guess we will never really know the real reason that the old NeverWinPoker forum was killed.  But who really cares now we have Bryan Micon and Todd Witteles bringing us all the mayhem from their new DonkDown forum anyway.  So go and check it out at your own risk, (maybe not while your granny is in the room though).

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Below is Bryan Micon explaining more about

{youtube, Z-kDVBVIwuY}