FlopTurnRiver.com Forum Review

FlopTurnRiver is one of the older poker forums and since launching it has accumulated more than 1 million posts by more than 38,000 members.

If you’re looking for advice on [poker you will be well off in FlopTurnRiver.com as the layout is easy to use and the 90,000 plus threads should contain everything you’re looking for.

Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for or you simply just want to more personal answer you can always make a post of your own, FlopTurnRiver.com has a ‘beginners circle’ section which is the perfect place for new members to be introduced and to post their questions.

Despite this though the design of FlopTurnRiver is pretty nasty and they will Spam you with several uninteresting promo’s before you finally get to the useful topics in the forum.

Take a look at their lists of online poker rooms and you will notice that they don’t really care about what products they endorse.  (LuckyAce poker…really??)

In summary once you’ve got through all the junk on FlopTurnRiver you will actually find that there are a few sections in their forum that are definitely worth a read through and you won’t have to register to look at these.  If you wish to improve specific parts of your online poker game like you Multi table tourney strategy or maybe your heads-up game (when you play 1 on 1 with another player) then this forum is worth a look.

Don’t forget though if you do use this forum and you venture in the off topics section you will likely come across some ‘not suited for work’ content so be careful if you’re sitting with your up tight boss at work.