Play Money

If you’re new to poker and you’re perhaps not completely familiar with the rules and how the game is played then you might rightly be wary of betting real money on a poker game.  As well as the fact that betting money when you’re not sure of the game can be a little daunting and can therefore make you play differently.

That is why online poker rooms have introduced play money tables.  Each player has a play money balance in their accounts automatically when they sign up to a poker room, you can use this play money at play money tables.  Play money tables are exactly the same as real money tables with the only difference being that you’re betting with pretend money instead of real cash. (and obviously the money you win is play money too).  So play money tables are an excellent place to start learning poker if you’re one of those people that likes to learn as they go along.

Don’t forget though you will still need to know the basics such as hand rankings and there are many poker books, articles on strategy and software that can help you improve your game like poker tracker. You can play all kinds of variations of poker games at these play money tables which means even if you are already a real money player but you want to practise a new style of game you can do so for free.

You can use your free play money chips to play poker against other new players and build yourself a play money bankroll which is a good way to learn good bankroll management.  The more chips you win the higher limits you can play, having said that don’t panic if you lose them all because your poker room will just top up your play money account and you can carry on.

Play money tables are a fantastic way to learn poker but remember to be patient although the rules of the game are fairly easy to pick up it takes a long time (perhaps forever) to really master the game. The more you study and practise the better chance of becoming a successful poker player you will have.

Here is a Quick Start guide on how to get the best software to play poker online.