PokerStove – Software Review

The question of whether or not you are getting the right price to draw to your flush or open ended straight draw can be a question too tough to figure out in the 8-15 seconds you have to decide in the online poker world.  Knowing if it’s the right play to call, raise, fold or check seems simple, but when you take all the information at hand and try to make the right choice anyone can getting a little confused and frustrated.  Thankfully, there is a program you can run in the background that keeps the real time statistics in eye shot at your table. 

PokerStove is the best Texas Holdem odds calculator to be found online. Not even Phil Ivey can consistently guess his opponents hole cards which makes most of the similar programs available only partially useful.  PokerStove is different.  While many poker players have been able to read their opponents hand correctly and figure out the correct play, most cannot.

Pokerstove takes what incomplete information that is available, and displays it in easy to understand percentages.  For instance, let’s assume you have been dealt two Queens.  Naturally you raise and the player to your left plays all his chips.  You know this player to be a stone, and that his range is Jacks or better and AK suited.  By inserting your opponents hand range into Pokerstove we can see that your queens have at least a 47% chance of winning if you call.  You can also give the program a predetermined range for your opponent and PS will enter the hands for you.

The program itself, although easy to use can use up precious seconds at the table, and has been known to cause timeouts on a frequent basis.  But whether it’s live at the table, or analysing your play later, Pokerstove is a simple, easy to use program that can help you improve your poker game, and start stacking up the chips. Best of all, Pokerstove software is completely free at the website, so check it out when you get a chance.