WPT – World Poker Tour

One of the biggest poker tours in the world is the World Poker Tour (WPT).  It consists of a series of televised poker tournaments, held in different countries around the world.  The biggest part of the series is held in the USA and all the top names in game are seen there.  Although these are not broadcast live they are still shown internationally and therefore easy to see whatever country you’re in.

Steven Lipscomb started and produced the WPT TV show in 2003 and was broadcast on the Travel Channel for nearly 5 years.  Then in 2007 the WPT moved the show to the GSN channel which also airs a popular American show by the name of High Stakes Poker.  Not long after that the 7th season was moved again to be shown on the Fox Sports Network were it stays for now.

Pro player Mike Sexton and actor Vince Van Patten have become globally famous on the poker scene since commentating on every show but the real stars are the red hot hostesses they have had over the years.

The beautiful Shana Hiatt hosted the first 3 seasons as well as interviewing all the poker pro’s.  Courtney Friel then took the lead for one season before stepping aside for Sabina Gadecki.  Season 6 saw the first sexy duo of Layla Keyleigh and Kimberly Lansing and finaly the reporter/player Amanda Leatherman became the latest hotess.

The WPT did try to launch another show, The Professional Poker Tour (PPT), but it only lasted 1 year and lost funding to continue.  They also tried to copy the WSOP bracelet, or so it seemed.  Bracelets were handed out to all event champions in 2008 and all winners before.  Maybe it’s not the greatest idea to try and compete with the most prestigious award in poker. Then in 2009 PartyGaming bought the WPT for $12,300,000 which gave the tour some much needed funding.