In today’s fast paced world of online poker it can be hard to keep track of how well you are really doing in poker tournaments.  Because many players like to play more than one tournament at a time or play in multiple rooms or perhaps they just don’t have time straight after a game to analyze how they’re doing.  However, there is help at hand, Official Poker Rankings (OPR) is a website that tracks the tournament performances of all players in the largest online poker rooms, at OPR you will find player statistics and poker player rankings and more.

Currently you will find tournament results for players playing at PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker and the Ongame Network.  Although you can only track between 95-99% of PartyPoker and Ongame Multi-table tournaments the results from PokerStars include 98% of their Sit and Go tournaments (with at least 36 players) too.  You will be automatically added to this database when you start playing in these rooms, just your player name not your personal details unless you wish to add them. At OPR you can view how much prize money you have won, how much profit you have made overall and the percentage of your return on your investment plus plenty of other statistics.

You can also look up other players to see how well they’re doing, say perhaps you are sitting down in a poker game against an opponent then it might be useful to see what kind of player they are or maybe you just want to show your friends the site with their stats on.  OPR also has a top 25 players that are updated daily.

You can decide for whatever reason that you don’t want anyone else to see your poker tourney results and you will just need to e-mail and ask them to remove you from their database, you will no longer be able to see other player’s stats though if you do this.

Official Poker Rankings might not make you a better poker player but it can still be a very useful way to track your tournament results as well as checking out other peoples.  We also think it can motivate you whilst playing if you can see how well you’re doing or perhaps let you know if you need a break from poker.  If you’d like to check out your poker rankings and see how you fare against other players you can do so at