Full Tilt Poker

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The Full Tilt Poker room is one of the most innovative pieces of poker software and home to some of the greatest poker players like Phil Ivey, Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan and Patrick Antonius.

The Full Tilt Academy is also an added bonus for any Full Tilt player. Here you will find many articles written by the sponsored professional in which they share  their in-depth knowledge of the game and engage in weekly chat sessions. 

Besides the free tips and strategies these pro’s are also responsible for some of the most interesting high stakes poker action online, with blinds as high as $3000/$6000. So even if you don’t feel like playing online poker Full Tilt is an excellent online location to watch some interesting High Stakes battles in which pro’s battle it out for millions of dollars.

One of the newer innovations by  Full Tilt Poker is Rush Poker, which has become very popular with the online poker community. With Rush Poker you won’t have to wait on other players completing their poker hand, once you have folded yours, you will instantly be seated at a new table with a new hand. This repeats itself indefinitely creating a true Rush Poker experience.

Currently Full Tilt is one of the very few poker rooms which offers a true mobile real money experience. Anyone with a Full Tilt account and in possession of an Android  device can play poker for real money on their smart phone. This is currently not available on the Iphone , since Apple unfortunately does not (and will not) support flash. With Mobile Rush Poker from Full Tilt you will be able to play online poker for real money anywhere at any time. Another great benefit of {dl, fulltilt, opening up an account} with Full Tilt.

Another new feature within the Full Tilt software are the Multi Entry Tournaments. These are tournaments that allow you to buy-in multiple times (maximum six times) for the same tournament. This decreases the variance (level of luck that needs to be beaten) when compared to classic  tournaments, which allow only one buy-in per person. With multiple tournament entries getting unlucky once doesn’t automatically mean that you are knocked out of the tournament.

If you have ever watched an episode of High Stakes Poker (a GSN production) you might have seen the pro’s running it twice. They do this to further more decrease the element of luck in the short run. Running it twice is a feature Full Tilt Poker has also integrated into their own software. So if you are a cash game player who likes to play it safe, Full Tilt will give you this option.

There are many more interesting features to be discovered at Full Tilt Poker and we are sure they will continue to bring-out  more and more of these as time passes by. You will definitely not be disappointed at Full Tilt if you are looking to play for play-money, real-money or are simply seeking to watch the highest limits being played online.